Luetas artworks


I enjoy making art and expressing my thoughts and create surrealism in a traditional style combined with today’s technology !


The “Fractal Surrealism” collection is a bold fusion of two intriguing artistic concepts: surrealism and fractal nature. In this collection, the boundaries of reality are blurred as fractals, infinitely recursive geometric patterns, intertwine with dreamlike and subconscious imagery.Mixed Editions:
Some will be 1/1 and others will be Open Editions (OE)


At the heart of spasmodic surrealism lies a vibrant truth, uncontrollably liberated from the confinement of logic.
Each work invites us on a surreal journey where the rules of the tangible world are rewritten by the erratic pulse of the imagination.
Spasmodic surrealism captures instants where the irrational breaks the surface of reality, like flashes of lightning illuminating dreamlike landscapes.
My art does not seek to please, but to shock, displacing the viewer to a state where the impossible becomes palpable.
With each spasm of creativity, chaos becomes the most authentic brush, drawing alternative realities and turning my art into a disruptive intersection where the mind is liberated in forms both beautiful and disconcerting, abrupt, intense and possibly erratic and convulsive.



Specific artistic current, which combines elements of surrealism, with unusual, disconcerting or surprising movements or body representations.

Luetas Vault

Here you will find some open editions (OE) of different handmade artworks that do not belong to a specific collection, they are free style pieces.

Owning all the copies will allow you to reedem the physical artwork.


Synthetic humanoids created to mimic human behaviour through artificial means, such as robotics, artificial intelligence and synthetic materials.


Will interstellar life be more beautiful than human life?

N-Being = N-seres

Interstellar beings, belonging to other galaxies, planets and asteroids, unique and different from what we know on earth.